Me in 10 seconds.

I’ve been a musician, producer, raw vegan, toastmaster and writer.

Highlights from my life as a musician include supporting Bon Jovi and playing on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Some health challenges I have overcome include hyperhydrosis and B12 deficiency.   I plan to share more about that on my blog.

Now I am an investor, photography enthusiast, van lifer and produce music for various projects including EMI production music, WWNTR and write jingles.

I love self-improvement, personal development and practical spirituality.

INFJ, HSP, minimalist and dark horse.

Zimbabwean native, I now live in Australia.

Here’s what I’m doing now.


RHODESIA – Electronic Folk Duo feating myself and my partner Emma

bamBOOM Sound – Jingles, production music and custom compositions

Converting a van into a home 

What Can I Do For you?

I can write music for you

I can provide music for your next video clip like this

I can produce music for you like this

I can come up with a catchy jingle for your company like these

I can play at your wedding


Photo Credit Jarrad Seng Photography