How To Keep Track Of Your Cryptocurrencies

So you have proboably heard of bitcoin, but have you heard about altcoins?


Proboably the most interesting and lucrative(if you know what you are doing) asset class one can be involved with right now is what is known in the cryptocurrency community as “Altcoins”.


An altcoin is basically anything that is not Bitcoin, or an alternative to bitcoin.


Why are they great?  Well because you can use them to make more bitcoin.  Some of them may be useful in the future too.  Coins like Dash($DASH) or Litecoin($LTC) have their own features that make them an imporvement in some aspects of the original Bitcoin chain.  You can buy altcoins at some exchanges like Coinbase, Changelly or Cryptopia.


You can think of them as different currencies just like the US dollar or Japanese Yen.  Although they are a different asset class altogether.


The point of this article however is to point out a tool I have used to keep track of all of my coins which I have found very useful(especially when you are accumulating many different coins).


The tool is called Cointracking.


Basically it keeps track of all your trades(usually automatically through exchange API’s) and allows you to see each coins profit or loss.  It is basically an amazing tool for keeping track of a crypto portfolio.  I use it everyday to find out if a coin I am holding is in the sell zone(or buy more zone).


It has so many features that it would take me a long time to point them all out.  Needless to say that it is the most compehensive tool for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios.


I really love it, I hope you like it too.


You can check it out at


Happy trading!




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